Letter to Superior IT Solutions Clients

For more than 30 years, Superior has been delivering IT services to businesses in the city of London and surrounding region and we are proud of this history. Recently though, management of Superior made the difficult decision that the energy and effort required to continue to provide quality IT services in this rapid changing market was something more than they wanted to devote. As a result, we are extremely pleased to announce, effective immediately, a working relationship with Stronghold Services has been established to transition our client base to. This was done to ensure that as Superior exited the market, our valued clients would have the same reliable, quality IT service to which they have been accustomed.

Stronghold Services, located in London, has been providing excellent IT solutions almost as long as Superior and currently has a team of 25 highly motivated and engaged staff. We have arranged with Stronghold to continue servicing you with the same billing rates and competitive hardware pricing that Superior has been providing. We have met with the ownership of Stronghold Services, their Service Manager and Senior Technician to ensure the transition of your IT needs will be fully met and they are excited about the opportunity.

We would like the transition to take place as soon as possible but also understand, in some cases, you may not have a need for IT services until sometime in the future. We have provided contact information below for Stronghold Services so you have a number and contact to call when needed. In the meantime, you may be contacted by someone at Stronghold Services to discuss options for ongoing services. We have evaluated Stronghold’s approach to delivering IT services and, while different from our own, believe it to be the future of IT support. We would also encourage you as well to review Stronghold Services website at www.strongholdservices.ca.

Thank you for your years of patronage of Superior Computers.

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Always willing to help...

I am extremely pleased with their work ethic. I receive great advice on purchases and very prompt service. The service department is always willing to help and equipment that has had to go in for repair is returned earlier than expected in most cases. Everyone is willing to help and they do their utmost to keep their customers happy.


Rick Strange
Technical Officer, Faculty of Health Sciences

Prompt and reliable...

Our company has used Stronghold Services Corporation for comprehensive computer hardware, networking, security, monitoring and backup for over three years. During that time we have found their service to be prompt and reliable. It has been particularly useful to have technicians deal with third party software providers on our behalf. We find their hardware pricing to be competitive.


Dr. Ralph Teeple and Dr. Mark Teeple
Arkona, Ontario

No more lengthy downtime...

They are very prompt in their response to our calls. They're reliable in making sure we don't have lengthy downtime due to hardware or software issues. They routinely act on our behalf with ISPs, software manufactures and other vendors. Because they monitor our equipment it's not uncommon for them to know we have a problem and begin resolution before we're even aware of it!


Gary Wood
Administrator, CMA

About Stronghold Services

Stronghold Services Corporation is 100% customer focused! We are here, as the next generation of technology service providers to show you an outstanding amount of service, competence and professionalism. Every day is dedicated to making your business and technology run better, faster and smoothly! Advances in technical support services and process has changed *DRAMATICALLY* in the last two years. We are here to bring you that knowledge and support and make your technology work FOR you!

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