About Us

Proven IT Experts

20+ years of helping businesses succeed more efficiently

Stronghold I.T. is an IT Managed Services provider that offers a portfolio of technology support services, procurement, and hardware services across Southwestern Ontario. Stronghold Services is the result of an amalgamation of three companies with roots in the IT Industry dating back to 1991.

Our commitment to technology and service excellence has made us an industry leader. From technical services and account management to procurement and customer support, we’ll deliver an easy, seamless end-to-end experience that helps you reach your business goals while saving time and money.

What does it mean to partner with Stronghold I.T.?

Here are just some of the ways we’ll fuel your growth:

Custom solutions that work the way you want them to

Fast response times to solve any issues or concerns quickly

Personalized service from experts who know you and your business

Comprehensive solutions and extensive experience in a wide range of industries

Dedicated techs who never stop learning to bring you the most innovative IT
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