IT Consulting

IT Consulting services in London and throughout Southwestern Ontario

Major IT projects are difficult to manage, and it is harder still to complete them on time and within budget. Keeping an in-house IT expert on the payroll can help meet these challenges, but this is far too expensive for most SMBs. But partnering with Stronghold Services Corporation is a better option, because we’ll keep costs low and help you finish your IT project on time. Whether it is network consulting or IT security consulting, we can help you get more value from any aspect of your business IT.

Our IT Consulting services are designed to guide you through IT projects that range from installing a new software platform to large-scale data migration. Our consultants will work on optimizing and improving your technology so it is aligned with your strategic goals. We always focus on getting the job done properly, and will ensure that you get long-term value from your IT.

You can focus on your business knowing that Stronghold I.T.’s consultants will ensure your IT projects finish on time and within budget.

Our IT Consulting services can help you with IT projects like:

  • Complete server installations and configurations
  • Software updates and upgrades
  • Data migrations and administration
  • Hardware and software life cycle strategies
  • Server installation and configuration
  • Strategic, long-term technology planning

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