Office 365 Cloud Backup

Protect all the work you’ve done with our contingency plans, including Office 365 and SharePoint backups

Our disaster recovery solutions are specific to data stored on your company’s server(s), local or cloud. But many companies also have business-critical data in Office 365 and SharePoint hosted on another server that’s your responsibility to protect. This data may be at risk of accidental deletions, malicious activity, data corruption from third-party app integrations, and more.

That’s why Stronghold I.T. offers additional backup solutions to keep you protected. We can back up all your email, One Drive, and SharePoint data to a secure backup target. Your data will be safe, easily restorable, and compliant, so you can get right back to work despite any data loss event.

Most businesses have experienced some sort of Office 365 data loss. Protect yourself so you will not be one of them

Our Office 365 and SharePoint cloud backups keep you protected with:

  • Compatibility with all plans and customization for different users
  • Analytics and reporting to track and optimize backup activities
  • Industry compliance, including security regulations and retention policies
  • Flexibility to restore individual 365 emails, files, and sites
  • Easy scalability on any IT environment

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