Dark Web Monitoring

Let our experts help protect your private information from being exploited

Your company's login credentials, such as usernames and passwords, are valuable assets on the Dark Web, a hidden part of the internet used largely for criminal activities. Hackers sell your credentials to a cybercriminal, who can then steal your personal and business data for malicious purposes. Many victims don’t know until it’s too late, or worse, never find out!

But our Dark Web monitoring service can help protect your company’s data. We utilize a combination of human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence capabilities to proactively scan for your company’s data and information. With detailed reporting, you’ll gain insights into your vulnerabilities to strengthen your company’s security posture.

Our proactive Dark Web monitoring will help your business to stay ahead of data breaches by alerting us of exposed credentials.

Keep your business safe with our monitoring services that deliver:

  • Detailed reports of monitoring activity and data breaches, including origin of the breach
  • Instant notifications of any Dark Web discoveries so you can take immediate action
  • Peace of mind knowing you have experts scanning the Dark Web for you

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