Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Multitiered solutions that keep your business running in London & throughout Southwestern Ontario

Data is the lifeblood of all companies, but data loss events are becoming increasingly common, from natural disaster to cyberattacks. Some businesses never recover but those that do could incur significant costs to their business, credibility, and reputation.

Stronghold I.T. has been protecting client’s data and operations for years with comprehensive Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions. We not only backup your data, we implement disaster recovery plans and provide real time, easily restorable backup for your servers, operating systems, and software. With replication of your valuable data in the event of disaster your employees will be back to work quickly.

Restore your data and operations quickly with our DR solution that:

  • Automates your backup routine, which is always on and always protecting you
  • Minimizes the interruption of critical processes and safeguards business operations
  • Drastically reduces data restore times
  • Lowers recovery time objective (RTO) and ensures it is predictable and controlled
  • Is customizable to your needs and goals
  • Keeps many retention points, up to two years
  • Has on-site and secure off-site data repositories
  • Is fully managed with electronic monitoring and daily technician checks to ensure smooth and successful backups every day

So how does it work?

Image-Based Backups

We take snapshots of your entire server as frequently as every 15 minutes. It’s a copy of the operating system, applications, and all the data. It’s saved as a single file called an image. This image can be used to restore a server to its last backup state, even to dissimilar hardware, quickly and easily.

Dual Replication Points

Replicating to a primary repository on-site is a necessary first line of defense, but we also securely send encrypted backups to our cloud repository

From there, we can restore a server locally or in our cloud platform. This added protection helps defend against environmental disasters or other issues such as theft.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Appliance

Usually, we provide a BDR appliance that serves two purposes:

  1. It is the primary replication point for the backup images.
  2. If the server fails, it can restore a backup image to a full working server. This emergency server keeps businesses in operation while the failed server is restored.


Businesses run in real time and rely on electronic systems and data. When disaster strikes, we are ready to restore everything from individual files to an entire server in minutes or hours — not days or weeks!

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