Managed Antivirus

Shield your business from the latest viruses and other malware

If you're taking a DIY approach to antivirus software, you're putting a huge burden on your staff to continually update and scan your systems, which not only takes them away from their main responsibilities, but can leave your organization vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Let Stronghold I.T. install and manage business-class antivirus products on all your computers and devices. We’ll conduct regular scans and updates so you’re always running the latest version and protected against evolving viruses and malware. You can focus on your business goals knowing your network is constantly monitored and protected.

Minimize risk, downtime, and resource drains with managed antivirus from Stronghold I.T.

Our Managed Antivirus service keeps your business safe 24/7 from any location with:

  • Immediate quarantine and eradication of threats
  • Protection against targeted attacks
  • Protection against ransomware
  • Prevention of fileless attacks
  • Cloud-based remote management

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