Cloud Email (Office 365)

A rich, seamless email experience across your devices, saving you time and money

Email is a main form of communication for all companies, but it is also one of the most common delivery methods for cyberattacks. This risk, combined with the requirements of today’s mobile workforce, means your email server must be secure, agile, and reliable. Otherwise, you could face high security risks, poor productivity, and employee and customer frustrations.

Stronghold I.T. can help. As a Microsoft partner and Office 365 reseller, we can host and manage Microsoft's highly-efficient email platform in the cloud for you at the best possible price. Your team will be able to utilize premium email systems on any internet-connected device from any location. Backed by stringent security, guaranteed uptime, and many other features, your employees will be more productive and secure and your operations more agile.

Microsoft Office 365 business-class email is the most stable, reliable, and secure mail platform available.

With our migration services, you can quickly benefit from:

  • Anti-malware filters, encryption, mobile device management, and more to protect your inboxes and outgoing information
  • Geo-redundant servers, disaster recovery capabilities, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Easy management with a user-friendly interface and admin center
  • Countless integrable features (Calendar, Contacts, eDiscovery, retention policies, etc.) for streamlined operations and industry compliance
  • Automatic patching and updates for effortless maintenance and maximum security

Email is the primary avenue of attack for most cybercriminals, who use it to target individuals and businesses with phishing scams, ransomware attacks, and other cyberthreats. Learn how email security maintains the integrity of your emails, accounts, and data.GET A FREE COPY NOW!