Managed Cloud Server

Virtual infrastructures that enhance collaboration, streamline operations, cut costs and much more

Cloud servers revolutionize the way businesses operate and people work. They provide a virtual, secure, and scalable IT infrastructure that lets your employees securely work from anywhere and utilize the most up-to-date productivity apps, all while minimizing IT expenses.

Stronghold I.T. will customize, host, and manage the virtual infrastructure that’s right for your business. Whether it’s a cloud or hybrid environment, you’ll always have the computing power and tools you need to be productive and efficient. You can focus on growing your business knowing your digital assets are secure, your employees can seamlessly collaborate from anywhere and all your systems are streamlined into a single platform for easy management.

With your migration to the cloud, you can quickly enjoy:

  • Enterprise-level hardware with no upfront cost
  • Always up-to-date Microsoft licensing
  • Data center hosting (redundant power/Internet, physical security, and a climate-controlled environment)
  • Scalable hardware where you only pay for what you need
  • Fully managed solutions by our cloud experts
  • Backup and disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Full antivirus and firewall management
  • Stronghold I.T. professional resources

What does STRONGCloud save YOU?

  • No capital expenditure or wasted investment on changing needs
  • No electrical costs and increased server security
  • No need for Senior Server admins or expensive IT staff
  • No leasehold improvements, redundancy, climate control fees, etc.

Perhaps it’s time for your organization to consider the cloud?

Take the First Step

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