Managed IT Services

Next-Generation Managed IT Services & Solutions in London & throughout Southwestern Ontario

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services refer to IT services delivered in a defined manner with a predictable expense. Typically, Managed IT Services are provided by a remote monitoring and management (RMM) system that allows an IT solution provider to monitor the health and performance of your IT assets 24/7. RMM means that we can perform proactive maintenance efficiently to stabilize your IT, and respond with rapid remote remediation should things go wrong.

The Stronghold I.T. impact

Without Managed IT Services

  • Reactive solutions and more costly downtime
  • Higher, unpredictable expenses
  • Annual total cost of ownership (TCO) typically 42% and 29% higher than managed PCs and laptops, respectively*
  • *Gartner study

  • Inefficient operations

With Managed IT Services

  • Proactive solutions and minimized or eliminated downtime
  • Significantly reduced spending and predictable billing for better budgeting
  • In-depth analytics and regular reporting for continued optimization
  • More resources to devote to your core business
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